Sharepoint 2013 – System accounts can not deploy an apps

1. Error occurred in deployment step ‘Install app for SharePoint’: The System Account cannot perform this action.

2. Cannot perform this action

3. Sorry, something went wrong Please refresh the page and try again.

These errors occur when I was trying to deploy an apps for SharePoint 2013. It took a while for me to figure out what truly happen. But, I’ll save your time by expose this solved problem of mine now.

So, there were no mistake on my code after all. It’s likely restriction of SharePoint 2013 itself, system account are prohibited to perform deploy or install an apps for security reason.


  1. Create a new account in your domain let say CONTOSO/SPApp_Admin
  2. This account should be local admin
  3. This account should also be farm admin [ Farm administrator can be added from central admin -> site settings -> People -> Fram Administrator -> Add CONTOSO/SPApp_Admin ]
  4. Now login to your VM/ SharePoint Dev machine as  CONTOSO/SPApp_Admin
  5. You are good to go for deploying app to your local farm using visual studio

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